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Portfolio Advisor Program

I provide fee-based, commission-free, professional asset management services.  Please read below to see if this portfolio program is right for you:

My investment process is to first ascertain what is important to you, the client. I accomplish this by asking probing questions to determine your goals and objectives and by conducting a thorough review of your financial history to include investable assets, tax issues, tolerance for risk, timeline and reason for wanting personal discretionary portfolio management. Assuming that I determine your suitability for this program, we will both agree on how your portfolio will be structured and managed.

Starting Point

Prior to structuring your portfolio, I need to determine your investment objectives and a risk profile that you are comfortable with. I will set goals based on your tolerance for risk, otherwise described as volatility.

Asset Allocation

Assets allocations are based on your individual risk profile. Asset allocation and diversification will divide your investment among different assets such as stocks, bonds and cash.

Creating Wealth

Typically the focus of this account will be capital appreciation, the growth of your equity positions. If you have a requirement for income, this will be discussed up front and those requirements will be addressed. I focus on a long-term approach to investing, agreeing on re-evaluating the actual performance of the account over a market cycle, usually 3-5 years.

Selection Techniques

My selection process involves looking for stocks that are, what I believe, are undervalued to help determine entry and exit points.  Then we look at the market for the companies products to see if it makes sense.


I believe the best returns are achieved over time by being fully invested. I do not use market timing techniques. Your portfolio may be overweighted or underweighted as to various sectors of the Standard and Poor's 500 Index as necessary to attempt to maximize the performance of your equity positions.

Ongoing Review

Although I communicate with clients frequently, a formal review will be conducted quarterly.  A comprehensive quarterly review will be provided. The Quarterly Review will review not only performance, but I will revisit your overall plan for continued suitability. The Review will also provide you with portfolio benchmarks to assess our ongoing effectiveness.

Fee-based portfolio management puts both the advisor and the client on the same side of the table.  The advisor is working in the client's interest since the advisor's compensation is a small percentage of the client's assets under management.  Call me today to discuss how fee-based, commission-free professional portfolio management may be what would help you meet your financial goals.

Asset Allocation and diversification cannot guarantee profit or insure against a loss. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful; all investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.